The Big Drive

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Driving from London, Twickenham to Stafford, some 360 odd miles round trip and sadly to attend a funeral. Leaving early to allow time, 2 3/4 hours according to Google maps, 8 AM during rush-hour around the M 25 and M 40. We allowed five hours because we had the time and if we got there early we could have some lunch, somewhere. Can do this in one hit if the traffic flow is good, not stopping off for coffee and snacks on the way, we were prepared on board picnic. Make yourself comfortable being aware of my posture in the driving seat, mirrors checked seat position checked my position checked. We set off. Two minutes from home turning right on the A316, here we go bumper-to-bumper traffic. Chill I say to myself as I sink into the seat adjusting my posture by pushing my hips back to help lengthen the spine, just so the natural energy can flow., And breathe. Mouth closed tongue on the top palette connecting the front and back meridians Du and Ren. Traffic clears and steady flow begins. I have four travellers with me there not talking too much settling into sleep mode, back to sleep for the young ones, lucky them. Travelling at 70 to 80 miles an hour I start to feel the steering wheel not holding it to tight, ha, just light. Thinking about the posture of my hands and the position of them 10 to 3 or 9 to 15, Then it was my elbows, softly hanging down the right one not resting on the door and then their relation to my shoulders. All this awareness for me was keeping the tension out of the shoulders and also reminded me the tai chi principle of keeping the head suspended from above, as if a silk thread was keeping me up right. Peripheral vision become an awareness all the time using the mirrors, three or four lines left right depending on your position and then 1, 4, 10 cars ahead constantly focusing backwards and forwards. This always reminds me of a rabbit that comes out of its warren after waking up in the morning having to be aware not to get eaten but to forage for food and eat, it’s just a very natural awareness eyes and ears, not too distressed going about his or her life. Then to my breathing, being conscious, mindful in and out through the nose having that control to help regulate the natural rhythm in the body. Feeling the breath and where it’s going, focusing on the lower belly, the Dan Tien, sea of chi. Sensing if the ribs are moving. By driving an automatic the right foot is doing all the work and the left foot resting then I become aware of where the pressure is in my foot. In Tai chi terms it’s called bubbling well or gushing spring and is known as kidney meridian one. My foot was slightly twisted in towards the left, I straightened it up and felt the connection with my ankle joint, my knee and my hip which also made me adjust my position in my seat to make this feel more comfortable and let the joints move as they should and not in a twisted fashion. Al this bring me back to the moment and practising my conscious breathworks, practising my rhythm of five breaths per minute, to emphasise and stimulate the parasympathetic system the Yin side of the nervous system. Well the traffic flow was good and we did it, as Google predicted, in two and three-quarter hours. So time enough to have a look round the town and have some lunch and coffee, taking some of the sites and how they’re regenerating the town of Stafford. Consciousness of my breath during the funeral thoughts on how they are becoming too frequent. The drive home was different because there was more chatting about the experience and the people plus making sure we took the right exit to the motor way, my attitude became more attentive to the process of another 115 odd miles home, i was tired, The breath awareness became more important the body positioning imperative all the awareness becoming more heighten. The touch of the wheel :- Hands, Elbow,shoulders:- the accelerator, ankles, knees,Hips. So whatever happens in your day consciously, mindfully, feeling and sensing your breath will constantly let you know where you are in any given time and place. Conscious Breathworks™