Did you know?

'Carbon dioxide, a most potent cerebral vasodilator....'(Djurberg et al, 1998)

Good breathing means proper allocation of carbon dioxide (Co2).

Did you know that Co2 is precious and essential to your health and performance?

Did you know that you exhale only about 15% of the Co2 entering the lungs (at rest)?

Did you know that if you exhale too much Co2 you may be in creating serious problems for yourself?

Do you know that through improved breathing habits you control your body’s chemical balance?

Proper allocation of Co2 is about regulating acid-base physiology.
Co2 regulates the pH level of extra-cellular body fluids:-blood and cerebrospinal fluid, electrolyte balance, sodium and potassium, blood flow, like to the brain and to the heart:- kidney physiology, like bicarbonate regeneration; and delivery of oxygen and nitric oxide (for vasodilation) by haemoglobin.

Co2 deficiency is known as Hypocapnia .

Co2 deficit can result in profound physical and mental changes.
Disturbing pH and electrolyte balance, by exhaling too much Co2, may have immediate and long-term effects that trigger, exacerbate, perpetuate, and/or cause a wide variety of emotional (anxiety, anger) cognitive (attention, learning) behavioural (public speaking, test taking)and physical (pain, asthma) changes that may seriously impact your health and performance.

Insidious (secretly causing harm) overbreathing/semi-hyperventilating (SHV) behaviour leads to Co2 deficiency, hypocapnia.

Conscious Breathworks™ (CBW) beathing behaviour is subject to the same principles of learning as any other behaviour, motor skills, including the role of motivation, emotion, attention, perception, and memory. Tens of millions overbreathe, SHV, behaviour that accounts for symptoms and deficits unexplained or falsely attributed to other factors.

Conscious Breathworks™ is about Behavioural analysis and behaviour modification the foundation of Re-learning good breathing. CBW Behavioural analysis is about our partnership in your exploration of how you breathe the way that yo­u do, and in the discovery of how the effects of your unconscious habits may be influencing your health and performance.  CBW breathing behavioural modification is about our partnership in your efforts to make changes in your breathing behaviour consistent with your objectives to improve health and performance. People can restore good breathing behaviour and improve their chemical balance with the CapnoTrainer, a break-through technology for use in the field, while also receiving assistance from a breathing practioner Tony Ulatowski.

The World Health Organisation predicts that COPD will be the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. 

Do you regularly feel these symptoms?

Frequent cough that produces mucous

Tightness or dull pain in the chest

Wheezing and shortness of breath

Mild fever


A smoker’s cough without smoking

They normally appear after a cold and possibly the fifth most reason people go to their GP and then they are diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis which is one form of (COPD)

And it could then make your lungs a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. 

The good news is that 20 minutes a day you can strengthen your lungs!

Breathe in Breathe out-in-out-in-out it is as simple as that!

Nothing new there

What about the help of drugs, prescribed steroids with an undesirable list of side effects which include diabetes, weight gain, osteoporosis and glaucoma, to name a few! And other drugs that can produce side effects such as palpitations, upset stomach, sleeping problems and muscle cramps.  

Re-educate your bodies breathing ability! Optimise your breathing ability, organically and naturally, 20 minutes a day.

Conscious breathworks™ training kit which consists of a

  • Volumetric 500 Exerciser,
  • Breathing whistle
  • CBW Breathing rib strap
  • CBW Diaphragm rib band
  • Tape measure
  • Rib stretch roll

Everything to train and measure your breathing progression, organically, naturally.

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